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Our Story: from rusty failure to Juice and Smoothie trailer.

When I told my husband that my five year plan involved quitting my job and travelling the Uk with a Juice and Smoothie bar packed inside a horse trailer, 'great!' wasn't quite the response I was expecting.

You see, having worked in public service for over a decade, going from stable employment to a unpredictable adventure with only a slim chance at success might not seem like the best idea to most people.

Thankfully, Paul isn't most people. So when I told him of my plans the first thing he asked me was 'how can I help?' and boy did I need his help!

My vision was given a sharp dose of reality when a quick spot of research told me that we'd have to re-mortgage our house in order to afford a fully furnished juice and smoothie bar . However, Paul was not detered.

Blessed as he is with DIY skills which far outstrip my sketchy Ikea assembling ones. He set to work sourcing a cheap (ok, falling apart) Horse Trailer.

Before: in need of some TLC

He then spent the best part of nearly 2 years, stripping the trailer down to the frame and working his way outwards until we had a sturdy unit which could be decorated.

Stripped down

I'd like to say I was able to help out with more than painting and wallpapering but that would be an outright lie. The truth is, all I had was a passion for a healthier lifestlyle, and a career which reflected this - plus some ideas about how it would look.

Without Paul's painstaking hours of research, you tube tutorials, trials errors and victories (all whilst working a full time job) our juice and smothie bar would be nothing more than ideas jotted down on my notepad.

Daddy's little helper

Paul has turned my dream into reality and I can't thank him enough!

We're technically at page 1 in our story, set up and rearing to go, but in reality our family business is more like that swan analogy (you know, the one they like to plug on every training course, ever.) Beneath our shiny new surface was a hell of a lot of peddling from Paul.

Thank you sweetie!

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